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lunch and learn for a group of up to 25 people.
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How long is the training?
Training usually lasts an hour. Our instructor will set-up a short presentation at your location of choice, run through basics about ergonomics, bust myths about ergonomics, and then have the team apply the material to their own chairs and/or work spaces.
How do I organize a training with you?
Start by filling out the form. A member of our team will reach out to you to discuss your specific needs and arrange a time for the training. 
What are some best practices to get my team excited about the training?
Step 1 is to incentive them. Consider offering to provide lunch to those who attend. You can also talk to our coordinator about offering assessments after the training to your team if they attend the training. Step 2 is to promote the training with your team through communication channels. 
Is my staff going to want the company to buy all new equipment after this?
Absolutely not! Our goal is to show your team best practices using the equipment the company has already provided. There are several practical and inexpensive solutions available. 
How long is the $50 off good for?
All you have to do to receive the discount is book and pay for your training before the end of February. You can schedule the date of your training anytime in the first quarter of 2017.
I'm interested in other services. How do I reach you?
Ready to discuss rolling out a proactive ergonomics management plan for your company? Contact us anytime to set-up an appointment.